Friday, January 27, 2012

$2 T-shirts from Vista Print!

I love Vistaprint for my printing needs already.  But this deal has me super excited!  I can't wait to put together personalized t-shirts for my girls.  They're going to think this is so cool.  Vistaprint even allows you to upload your own photos (keep the resolution high, around 1600 is best).  
$2 T-shirts from Vista Print is going to take care of my earth scouts group I've created with my local homeschooling kindergarteners here in Vegas.  I like for the parents to represent by wearing the same tshirts!  The kids all get together at the beginning of the year and use fabric paint to leave handprints all over their tshirts - I'll post that one soon!

Choose from over a thousand designs and add your own text to make your design unique! For just $2 get access to over a thousand designs—from funny to sophisticated to adorable and more! The T-Shirts are made of 100% Pre-Shrunk cotton and are available in sizes from S to XXL and in ladies sizes. Make one for yourself or to give to a friend.

Shipping starts at only $4.41

Don't wait on this, these deals come and go quickly!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princes Castle Hand Print

I have a full house of little girlie girls....hence the name of my blog!  Posh, Princess, and Pixie all look forward to seeing their hand prints made into castles, unicorns, and butterflies.  The one in the photo was done on a tile, Posh wanted to be by herself on this one.  

Aside from the massive amount of pink paint she managed to get in her messy mop of hair, it was pretty easy to get a clean print!  I'll have to admit I was amazed how easily the paint came out of the dogs hair too - I doubt he'll sit with us during Art Time any time soon!

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, this picture is 3 years old, the twins (Pixie is on the floor and Princess is trapped in pearls) were about 15 months here.  All I can remember is laughing so hard I cried.  I fell in love with dress up from that point on...I think they did too.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2012 Hand Print!

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!

I just had to celebrate this fun and robust year with a Hand Print Dragon.  He may look difficult to make, but if I can do it - so can you!  This is actually the Year of the Black Dragon containing the element of Water....but a black hand print is very hard to we went with the traditional red.  I made a blue one for Posh to celebrate the element of water.

We did Princesses hand in red to symbolize the new year.  In the Chinese tradition the color red symbolizes good fortune.  I accented in yellow to boost success in school.

To celebrate this years Black Dragon containing the Water Element, I made Pixie's hand print blue with blue accents.  She has the water essence like her mommy so I tend to most of her prints with a little blue in there somewhere.

This is one hand print that you really want your child to have a fully spread out palm.  Keeping in mind when you place the hand that the thumb and pinkie fingers are going to have most of the details, make sure those are spread out the furthest.  I do this by painting my fingers the same color as their hand and direct their fingers by holding them.  Do it quick, the longer your hover working on placement the more time they have to get rigid, move fingers, try to pull away, or decide this isn't fun.  This HAS to be FUN!

I placed these on tiles.  Tiles are extremely forgiving.  Your print can be a mess and all you need is a damp cloth to clean up the "mistakes".  Same for any media with a slick surface.  I wanted to hang these and the tile keeps up better then paper unless your framing them.

Supplies for the Dragon Hand Print:
Paper or Tile or Plate - whatever your going to put it on!
Acrylic Paint
Wet Rag
*E6000 Glue - or your favorite super stick glue that will adhere to tile
*High Clear Gloss sealant

*Use for the tiles or plates

Once you have all your supplies set out and ready, a ton of patience, and a good sense of humor (aprons are always a good idea!) then it's time to call your kiddo over!

Collect your print and allow to FULLY dry.

Hints and Tips:
I use acrylic verses the washable tempura paints because acyrlic is water based, meaning it wipes off tables easily.  *Always spot check 1st, Murphys Law says you'll have the table it wont so please plan ahead!  IF the paint gets on clothing make sure to let it soak in plain water, then wash.  Do Not us stain treatment.  Apparently it actually sets the stain.  This is why aprons, smocks, and painting clothes are a good idea for EVERYONE involved in the craft.

Once your print is dry it's your turn to get crafty.  I used a black sharpie to do the outlines.  I went back over it with black paint.  If you just use the sharpie, it will bleed a bit when you spray the gloss on, not cool.  Fill in with your accent colors.  The best advice I can give to get the face just right is to print out the picts, practice a few times the exact line you want to achieve, then apply it.

Let it all dry then spray with the gloss sealent.  This is pretty smelly so please do this either outside on a sheet (I have a designated cookie sheet I bought from the Dollar family is WELL aware to never use it!) or in a well ventilated room. 

Once totally dry, glue the ribbon on the back and your DONE!

As far as costs go for this craft, here's my breakdown:
Tiles - .89 each at Home Depot
Paint - $1 I wait for the 3/$1 deal at Michaels.
Gloss Sealant - $12 at Michaels....I used a 40% off coupon
Ribbon - $1 at...where else?  Michaels dollar bins
E6000 - $4 at Michaels and I use this for's my answer to Super Glue.

Remember to have fun with this and to find out more on the Chinese New Year check out this LINK!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heart Handprints for Valentines Day!

Heart Handprints for Valentines Day!

Trace your child's hands into the heart shape shown in the picture. Use glue, I used regular Elmers School Glue for this, and thinly spread over the fingers. Put the paper on a cookie sheet and let them dump the glitter onto the paper. My girls LOVED this part! No need to be careful here, let it go all over! I'd suggest keeping the red glitter in one spot....or you'll never get rid of it!  Get a brownie pan and contain it there, it's worth it.Once dried, tap the paper onto the cookie sheet to get any access glitter off. Pour the unused glitter back into the container.

We enjoyed making the hand print hearts so much that we did a couple more to hang on our craft wall! For the glitter heart my youngest daughters hand were too small to show real definition so I just did the twins hands.  These really are fun and super cute gifts! 

We made a bunch with our playgroup with EasyKidCrafts, our kids range from 1year to 6 years.

I've whited out my kids names on the photos but wanted you to see where I placed their names so you can choose where to place yours. This craft was easy too.  Either of these would be great for grandparents or moms! 

Using red washable tempura paint, paint the palms of your childs hands. I do one at a time to cut down on the mess.

Place their hands as seen in the photo. Outline the prints with a red marker or a glitter pen. 
As you can see there are 2 different ways to place your child's hands, and both work!  This is also a fun craft to do with fabric paint, make the heart and give it to the grandparents, or on an apron - totally cute!