Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heart Handprints for Valentines Day!

Heart Handprints for Valentines Day!

Trace your child's hands into the heart shape shown in the picture. Use glue, I used regular Elmers School Glue for this, and thinly spread over the fingers. Put the paper on a cookie sheet and let them dump the glitter onto the paper. My girls LOVED this part! No need to be careful here, let it go all over! I'd suggest keeping the red glitter in one spot....or you'll never get rid of it!  Get a brownie pan and contain it there, it's worth it.Once dried, tap the paper onto the cookie sheet to get any access glitter off. Pour the unused glitter back into the container.

We enjoyed making the hand print hearts so much that we did a couple more to hang on our craft wall! For the glitter heart my youngest daughters hand were too small to show real definition so I just did the twins hands.  These really are fun and super cute gifts! 

We made a bunch with our playgroup with EasyKidCrafts, our kids range from 1year to 6 years.

I've whited out my kids names on the photos but wanted you to see where I placed their names so you can choose where to place yours. This craft was easy too.  Either of these would be great for grandparents or moms! 

Using red washable tempura paint, paint the palms of your childs hands. I do one at a time to cut down on the mess.

Place their hands as seen in the photo. Outline the prints with a red marker or a glitter pen. 
As you can see there are 2 different ways to place your child's hands, and both work!  This is also a fun craft to do with fabric paint, make the heart and give it to the grandparents, or on an apron - totally cute!  


  1. I think this idea is so cute. I am not sure I am ready for my kiddos to use glitter just yet but I am going to try it with WASHABLE paint. :) (baby steps I guess)

    1. Washable paints are the best route! For the younger babies I actually do all this in the bath tub. I stripped down the baby (10 months at the time) and had a STACK of paper so I could just start over when she wanted to squish her fingers. She got over the novelty of it and just let me direct her hand. We were both covered in red washable paint by then....but we were in the bathtub!

      After letting her paint her arms and hair I just turned on the bath and washed her right up.

      *For the glitter, I prefer to do that one does my husband!

  2. Really cute project idea! Sending love from Vegas Bloggers.

  3. This is a great idea, maybe I will have my girls make this for their daddy!

  4. So fun and simple! Love it! :) And what kid doesn't love getting their hands covered in squishy glue or paint!?